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"It's Only A Pencil You'll Bring to the Space" 

Let's go Dreamer | 去吧夢想家

Someday stationery designing, creating & crafting

Someday Stationery | 有朝一日 • 文房具

For Someday, I will become a writer. Write what should not be forgotten in every sentence, every wording, day and night, an unreachable way in front of us, and all written by us.

每個人都有自己的Someday 有朝一日; 有朝一日終會去到哥本哈根, 有朝一日他會成為偉大的發明家,有朝一日我們會相遇,有朝一日我會拜訪那家快撐不住的書店....

願它們喚醒你一段回憶,記錄不能復刻的流年歲月,寫下的每一句句子,每個詞語,層層疊疊; 就像封面的流蘇設計,事情總是繁複而結果也總是那麼的美。

Write it Closer, more Closer : Vegetarian Leather?

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• The Mills • MF Select
• CWB • The Tree Stationery
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