A Stationery Brand from Hong Kong

Someday Stationery 

有朝一日 • 香港______.


本地扎根的文具,香港品牌香港設計。文具是兒時玩意嗎?還是生活不能缺少的重要部份... 鉛筆一枝手帳一本,陪伴我們創造了無數個創意... 這一切都不是一隻滑鼠能夠代替的。

每個人都有自己的Someday; 某一天終會去到哥本哈根, 某一天他會成為偉大的發明家,某一天我們會相遇,某一天某一天我會拜訪那家快撐不住的書店,然後某一天我會成為作家.... 願它們喚醒你一段回憶,記錄不能復刻的流年歲月,這是設計師在最壞的時代做有價值的東西。寫下的每一句句子,每個詞語,層層疊疊; 就像封面的流蘇設計,事情總是繁複而結果也總是那麼的美。


Nowadays everyone is typing on their mobile phone every minute, every moment…

Do you still remember how to write?  One day I was wondering if the notebook was as beautiful as a pair of tassel loafers by hand. So that the paragraphs we wrote by ourselves won't be forgotten by ourselves.

The design of this book has gone through more than two years of research on gentlemen and tassels. Is this a book?  Is this a small book? Is this a stylish accessory? This is what designers do valuable in the worst times.

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