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Smith Wooden Fountain Pen 有朝一日 • 文房具 鐵匠 : 木工墨水筆

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0.5mm Polished Iridium Point Germany 筆尖不鏽鋼製作,
書寫流暢順滑,出墨均勻 輕鬆感受書寫墨水筆筆觸, 連帶木工包裝盒

"包裝更可以當用作尺子用途 , 一物二用 送禮更顯心意"

0.5mm Polished Iridium Point Germany pen nib made of stainless steel, writing smoothly. The ink is evenly discharged, and it is easily to feel the strokes of the writing ink pen. Woodworking packaging box packaging can also be used as a ruler, one thing and two purposes, giving gifts more convincing.

〔 使用方法 〕
● 練習中/英文書寫
● 木紋與設計中值得收藏


包裝 : 木盒 + 包含一枝墨水 / 即買即用 🎫
( Within Black ink cartridges )